Complete Field renovations and


We are field construction professionals. We can construct your field from start to finish with turf blankets. Winter growth covers keeps the soil temperature warmer, thereby influencing the grass plants to stay out of dormancy. As a result spring green-up and plant density with increase, yielding a greater chance of wear resistance during the high play periods.

Services include :

Maintain, protect & care for your field


Set up annual maintenance with us today. We offer a wide rang of service to keep your field in the best condition on and off season.  We will also assist you with drainage. We can establish methods to correct any impractical drainage issues. We improve on sub-surface drainage problems by the addition of drain lines.

Services include :

We'll get your field back in action


Here at Field Pro, we know that the field can get damaged during the season. Sometimes the wear and tear of the game can cause major problems on your field. We’re prepared to fix any issue. Count us to get repairs done.

Services include :